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What Rights Do You Have If Attacked By A Dog?

Dog owners are held responsible if his/her dog injures someone or damages someone else’s property. The victim has the right to file a claim against the property owner or landlord if there wasn't prior notice of vicious propensities (Victim also has certain rights pursuant to Florida statute 767.04) to recover the medical expenses. Dog attacks can lead to extreme conditions including nerve damage, muscle tear, and fractures. It can cause internal injuries and can lead to mental trauma. There are many instances where the victim becomes permanently disable or suffers from a life-long phobia of dogs.

Needless to say, Rabies is a serious public health issue causing more than 50,000 death annually all across the world. The figure for dog bite injury in the US is approximately 4.7 million every year, while the registered fatal cases are negligible.

We at Jesse Davidson, P.A. can assist you to get what you deserve from the pet owners in the claim of a dog bite or attack.

Role of a Boynton Beach personal injury attorney

A victim needs to understand under which category bog bite injury is covered by government law. As this comes under personal injury, thus the entire responsibility goes to the dog owner and he/she will be liable to pay your injury claim.

The behavior of the dog owner towards the pet is also a prime factor that determines the nature of the dog. We as your legal advisor will take care of all the legal parameters to ensure you get the compensation for, medical bills, your treatment, and also for the loss of wages.

Never hesitate to contact Jesse Davidson, P.A. for a quick solution as we know which law will protect you.

After a thorough examination of the incident, we will also help you to claim your insurance amount. The dog bite is covered under several laws, a few of which are named below:

  • Coverage under ‘strict liability dog-bite law’

  • Coverage under ‘one bite rule’

  • Coverage under ‘Dog owner’s negligence’

  • Coverage under breed-specific regulations

  • Coverage under intentional liability

However, it is necessary to hire a legal advisor immediately after the incident. We follow a few steps to get strong evidence against the owner.

Process the personal injury attorney follows:

  • Identifying the dog owner and his/her dog

  • We gather information from a reliable source and prepare the incident in a documented form

  • The attorney collects data of the dog breed and its vaccination records

  • Identifying the nature of the incident (either intentionally or unintentionally)

  • Register the incident to the Animal control board on an immediate basis

  • Detailing from the eye witness (if any)

  • Take pictures of the dog and the incident spot

  • Take picture of the victim’s injury

  • Details of the medical expenses and a written note from the medical inspector about the nature of the injury

There are further steps that we follow to ensure a smooth process. If you want to know about our nature of work then call us on (561) 252-7850 or visit our website Click Here to contact us for detailed information.

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